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PPC(Pay PER Click) Management

Pay per Click campaign also know as click/pay-per is the fastest way to drive real traffic to your website. So if you are looking for immediate results PPC is perfect for you.

The Pay per click model is very simple but it requires constant management of the PPC campaign and a thorough understanding of the network

Leave the analysis, constant management and tweaking to us. Define your goals, set the amount that you want to spend and let our experts handle the rest. We will not only monitor the clicks and hits that you are getting from the PPC but also give you a ROI calculation so you can stay on top of your spending.

Pay Per Click Campaign

Account Management Services

With our Account Management Services we will manage your campaign on a daily basis. Our team of experts utilizes our unique suite of in-house software tools, which are designed to give the “most cost-clicks-possible” for the least cost-per-click”.

Our stats report show hundreds and thousands of relevant and related keyword traffic across the Google Search Network, number of competitive web pages, Supply & Demand ratios, Keyword Index and the number of advertisers on Google AdWords and other search engine advertising networks for each keyword phrase.

  • Provides on-line tracking reports and keyword tracking analysis.
  • Online stats show a 32-57% higher customer satisfaction than other media.
  • The Search Engine Network reaches million’s of users daily across the globe.
  • Builds brand awareness and educates prospects.
  • Generate direct responses from leads and identify prospects.
  • Increase sales requests, site registrations and sales conversions.
  • Generate sales & acquires new customers.
You create your ads

You create ads by choosing Keywords, which are words or phrases relevant and related to your business for potential customers to search for on the search the engines.

Your ads appear

When people run any query using one of your keywords, your ad will appear on the first page of search engines search results beside relevant search results.

You attract customers

People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. If you don’t have a webpage to get started - We will help you create one